14 May, 2012

You Don't Have to Pay For Antivirus on Windows

About 2 weeks ago, my antivirus subscription (Kaspersky) of 3 years expired. It has served me well over these past years of keeping viruses or malwares out of my Windows system. Then came the question:

Should I, or should I not, continue with the subscription?

After some thoughts, I decided to discontinue renewing my Kaspersky antivirus license and here's why.

05 May, 2012

Upgraded My SGS2 to ICS!

Downloading ICSJust this afternoon, out of curiosity, I checked if there is any software update available for my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) and surprisingly, there is. So I choose, as any eager technology enthusiast would, to update!

Be warn that the update itself is over 200+ MB, so you best do it over your own wi-fi than 3G. It takes around 19 minutes for me to download the updates. More or less, depending on your internet connection speed.

It is also equally important that you backup all your important files on your phone to your pc or dropbox before updating.

In case you are wondering, I am with Vodafone Australia. Some other parts of the world probably already have Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) available as a software update. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and are still running Gingerbread, Android 2.3.5, you can try to check your phone if there's any updates available.

In this blog post, I am going to show you how you can upgrade your S2 to ICS and some of my initial thoughts about ICS.

03 May, 2012

Why is Chrome So Slow?

google chrome logo

Google Chrome is usually fast for me. Until recently, when I was sending an article link to my friend via Facebook, it suddenly become so slow.

It was abnormally unresponsive.

What is going on? I suspected that something mischievous is going on. So, I put on the detective hat *not literally* and began an inquiry...