05 December, 2011

Convert 3ga to mp3

I had been recording sounds with Samsung Galaxy S2's 'Voice recorder' and I wanted to play it on my PC. But, the files are in 3ga format. Oh no. It turns out my PC can't play media of this format. What do I do?

So I googled 'convert 3ga to mp3 online'.

Google convert 3ga to mp3 online image

I found a few solutions with my results. One of them is and another from xda-developers forum member, jmaddox1978:
"This isn't very technical, however, I just changed the file extension from .3ga to .mp3 . I just gave it a try out of frustration and it now plays as an mp3 on all of my devices."
rename 3ga to mp3
Next, I followed the advice and it worked for me. Great! Now, I can play the 3ga file in VLC and Windows Media Player.

P.S. To change file extension, simply select the file and then press f2 (make sure 'Hide extensions for known file type' is unchecked in Folder Options->View) to edit the file extension.

P.P.S Is this what you are looking for? Does this answer your question? If not, tell me about it in the comments below. I like to have your feedback.