27 March, 2014

A Simple Way To Fix Kindle's "Invalid Item" Error [Android]

A while ago, my Kindle for Android app notified me with the message
'Invalid item - please remove from your device and download again'
when I tried to open a book in my Kindle library. I tried updating to the latest version, later to find that I'd the latest version installed. Next, just like everyone else these days, I googled around and discovered that others are in the same boat as me. The solution offered by Amazon Kindle was tedious (deregister device, uninstall Kindle app, reinstall, re-register device). There's no way I would like to do all those steps and re-download all my books, if I have to.

Fortunately, I happened to find a way to fix it (which I am going to share in this post) before I go through all the hassle offered by Amazon's solution. It will only take less than one minute of your time to do it. I promise.
The Solution: Clear Your Kindle's Cache
For those of you who already knows how to do it from reading the heading above, you can skip this section below. If you don't know how, worry not. I'm going to show you step-by-step in this picture tutorial guide below.

1) Goto your Android's settings, then Application manager:

2) Under the 'Downloaded' tab, locate your 'Amazon Kindle' app:

3) Inside your 'Amazon Kindle' App info, select 'Clear cache' and you're done.

Well, I hope this will fix your problem with opening your favourite book on Kindle for Android. I'm just sharing my experience here. The above steps worked for me. Let me know if it did/didn't.

P.S. Did you fixed it in under one minute?

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