01 August, 2014

How to Fix The “Insufficient Storage Available” Issue [Android]

On Android phones, have you ever, while installing a new app or updating an existing one, encounter the error message:
Insufficient Storage Available
even though you have plenty of device memory space? I have, previously, and it happened to one of my friend who have the same Android phone as me, a Samsung Galaxy S2. But no longer am I plagued by the issue and I will share how I fix the problem without rooting my phone.

Initially, I tried to uninstall some apps which I no longer use in a long time, or move them to the SD card. That solution did not last long, needless to say. Next, I tried App Cache cleaner. However, the problem still persist. However, one day I found the solution on the internet and it worked.

The Solution: Delete the hidden log files

1) Goto Keypad.
2) Dial *#9900#

3) A screen titled "SysDump" will appear, select "Delete dumpstate/logcat".

4) A successful notification "Delete Dump !" will appear and you are done!


The Results:

Before the fix, I could not install nor update any big apps (> 10MB) at all with 256MB of device memory available. Is that bugged or what?

The fix clear about 263MB of device memory space and I never see the "Insufficient Storage Available" error message ever again. Hooray!

Things to Note:

The steps outlined above definitely work with Samsung Galaxy S2, or to some extend other Samsung Android phones. If you have a non-Samsung Android phone, chances are you may have to google for your phone's SysDump code. If worst comes to worst, you may find yourself needing to root your phone or install CyanogenMod if you are feeling adventurous.

Let me know how did it go for you, post in the comments section below. If you are unable to upgrade your smartphone once every two or three years like I do, I hope this fix will help you out in extending the lifespan of your Android phone. Also of interest, one of my future plan is to install CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S2, which I will be covering in the future. Stay tuned!

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