27 March, 2012

How to Read Mobile-Unfriendly Webpages On Your Android Phone Effortlessly

I commute on public transport on a regular basis and will usually redeem my time by reading articles online with my Galaxy S2. However, some of these websites are not mobile-friendly. They are not optimised for mobile users. In the past, when I came across one of them, I would zoom-in on the page until I find the text to the size of my liking. Trying to get the block of texts to fit nicely with my phone's screen was indeed a tedious task. How many of you have the same experience?

Then, one day I accidentally discover this tip that I am about to share and it has since changed my experience of reading articles online with my phone. With just a blink, I can have texts formatted nicely for me to read. I can say that I now enjoy fulfilling my learning addictions very much on my phone.

If you're like me in the past, read on to see how this might help you make reading an enjoyable experience again on your phone. Let's go!

26 March, 2012

How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S2 with 100% Accuracy (pre-ICS)

Why another tutorial on taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S2?
I know, I know. You are probably asking that question right now.

There is a ton of tutorials about this out there on the internet, so why another tutorial?
The problem is, they are not comprehensive enough. They failed to address the problems that may arise when applying these steps, which I'm going to show in detail. Time to capture screenshots like a ninja master with 100% precision execution.

No rooting or additional apps required. Just a stock phone will do.