27 March, 2014

A Simple Way To Fix Kindle's "Invalid Item" Error [Android]

A while ago, my Kindle for Android app notified me with the message
'Invalid item - please remove from your device and download again'
when I tried to open a book in my Kindle library. I tried updating to the latest version, later to find that I'd the latest version installed. Next, just like everyone else these days, I googled around and discovered that others are in the same boat as me. The solution offered by Amazon Kindle was tedious (deregister device, uninstall Kindle app, reinstall, re-register device). There's no way I would like to do all those steps and re-download all my books, if I have to.

Fortunately, I happened to find a way to fix it (which I am going to share in this post) before I go through all the hassle offered by Amazon's solution. It will only take less than one minute of your time to do it. I promise.