07 December, 2011

How Do I Format Text Without Highlighting Them?

Last week, I came across this useful tip that could potentially save me plenty of time when working with Word documents. I was shocked that I did not discovered this sooner. Some of the time I spend on editing documents could be cut down with just this one simple tip which I am going to share.

05 December, 2011

Convert 3ga to mp3

I had been recording sounds with Samsung Galaxy S2's 'Voice recorder' and I wanted to play it on my PC. But, the files are in 3ga format. Oh no. It turns out my PC can't play media of this format. What do I do?

28 October, 2011

Why Is Flash Player Slow On My PC?

The Problem:
A few days ago, I just reformatted my PC and performed a clean installation of Vista (with SP1). Then, I opened Google Chrome and went on to Facebook. As one of my daily habit, I played one of the game on it. All is well until I encountered Flash in the game. It was an awfully long wait. Everything with Flash on it just ran very slow. Hello Google Chrome, what's wrong with your Flash player?

The Inquiry:
Initially, I thought that it was because I had too many programs opened all at the same time. Plus, my laptop was 3+ years old. So, I closed some of them but that did not fix the problem. It was still slow. Next, I tried it with Firefox & voilĂ ...

12 September, 2011

Migrating contacts from Windows Mobile 6 to Android

Recently, I just got myself a new Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2). I was trying to key in all my contacts into my new phone and the process proved to be tedious after attempting to manually enter just a few contacts. Imagine I had 100+ contacts. It will just take too long for me to complete the task.

01 September, 2011

Hello Blogger

Hi all,

It's JH Kueh here, better known as Ocy everywhere else on the net.

This blog will be my re-attempt to blog basically. As I had personally adopted Zig Ziglar's philosophy that "You can get what you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want", I'll be journalling about IT technical problems that I face & the solutions that I had personally applied successfully.

Furthermore, I would be especially interested to hear from you, if I have managed to help solve your problems through this blog. It will bring me great joy, as I hope it will, to you :)

Until then, stay tuned.

Updated: 12 Dec 2011