07 December, 2011

How Do I Format Text Without Highlighting Them?

Last week, I came across this useful tip that could potentially save me plenty of time when working with Word documents. I was shocked that I did not discovered this sooner. Some of the time I spend on editing documents could be cut down with just this one simple tip which I am going to share.

The tip:
User Ikjadoon, from Lifehacker writes:
You don't have to select a word to underline/bold/italicize it!

Just put the cursor within the word and CTRL+U and, BOOM, the word is highlighted (with no extra spaces, which is prone to happen when trying to select it). Works on OneNote 2010, probably lots others.
So, I have listed those keyboard shortcuts below:
  • Bold — Ctrl + B
  • Italic — Ctrl + I
  • Underline — Ctrl + U
  • Superscript — Ctrl + Shift + =
  • subscript — Ctrl + =
  • UPPERCASE — Ctrl + Shift + A

Yes. Superscript, subscript, and uppercase worked too (more MS Word shortcuts here).

Compatible Office Applications:
It was also reported in Lifehacker that this tip, not only worked in Microsoft Word, but also LibreOffice and (3.2+). However, Google Doc users (including me) are out of luck at the moment, as they did not work for me at the time of writing this post.

Cool right? Please do tell me how well it go and how has this help you?

More to come soon. Until then happy writing/editing with this time-slashing this tip.

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