12 September, 2011

Migrating contacts from Windows Mobile 6 to Android

Recently, I just got myself a new Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2). I was trying to key in all my contacts into my new phone and the process proved to be tedious after attempting to manually enter just a few contacts. Imagine I had 100+ contacts. It will just take too long for me to complete the task.

So I googled around the web and found a few solutions but the most efficient solution (I think) would be using Google Sync. This is especially true for migrating to Android phone.

In 2 steps:
  • Sync your WM 6 contacts with Google Sync.
  • Then sync your Android with Google Sync.

So the whole data migration process can be sum up below:
    WM 6 —> Google Sync —> Android

Further read -> Setting Up Your Windows Mobile Phone for Google Sync

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