27 March, 2012

How to Read Mobile-Unfriendly Webpages On Your Android Phone Effortlessly

I commute on public transport on a regular basis and will usually redeem my time by reading articles online with my Galaxy S2. However, some of these websites are not mobile-friendly. They are not optimised for mobile users. In the past, when I came across one of them, I would zoom-in on the page until I find the text to the size of my liking. Trying to get the block of texts to fit nicely with my phone's screen was indeed a tedious task. How many of you have the same experience?

Then, one day I accidentally discover this tip that I am about to share and it has since changed my experience of reading articles online with my phone. With just a blink, I can have texts formatted nicely for me to read. I can say that I now enjoy fulfilling my learning addictions very much on my phone.

If you're like me in the past, read on to see how this might help you make reading an enjoyable experience again on your phone. Let's go!

The Tip:
For example, below is a screenshot of Andy Andrew's blog (who's Andy Andrews? Here's an intro):

Screenshot of Andy Andrew's blog

So here's the secret. To read this page or any pages without much effort, double tap on any area of the text that you want to read:

Area to double tap

And, here's the result (compare it to the ones without double-tapping on the right):

Screenshot 2 of Andy Andrew's blog (zoomed)Screenshot 2 of Andy Andrew's blog (normal)

Take note that this trick won't work on numbered/bullet list with long sentences if you look carefully on  the left (unless you double-tap them in the first place. But then you would have long paragraphs instead). The numbered list in right picture would have gone out of the screen if it were not for the picture in that page.

Double-tap any paragraph on a website to easily read it. It works with my Galaxy S2's stock browser and the must-have Dolphin Browser® as well. Can you guess which browser I'm currently using? ;)

Now, go enjoy reading on your android phone.

P.S. Please do tell me how well did it go and how has this help you? Is there any other problems that you had when trying out this trick? Tell me about it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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